Medical Non Linear System NLS Diagnostic

NLS-Diagnostic QMR Scanners

Quantum Magnetic Rezonance – QMR Scanner, Spektrometer Body’s  Cells Analyzer, Homeopathy, Frequency Theraphy instruments.

The application of nonlinear diagnostics in practice allows to obtain excellent results and make a true breakthrough in the field of diagnostic medicine.

Today, more and more health care institutions and clinics use NLS diagnostic instruments all over the world.

In the formulation of an accurate diagnosis, the use of computer-based nonlinear diagnostics plays a fundamentally important role, allows the correct determination of the cause of the disease, and consequently, select and prescribe effective treatment.

Using the NLS Diagnostic Tool, you can measure the exact cellular level of organs in the body, enabling you to accurately determine the cause of the disease, which allows you to combine the most effective treatment.

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Quantum Magnetic Resonance Scanners use a variety of methods to test the condition of our biological and fine energy bodies. Detects bio-photon waves of biological homeostasis, brain waves, detects quantum energy vibration levels of 874 cells and the frequency spectrum of any drug.

It calculates the result of scanned electromagnetic frequency signals from 5718 standard frequency spectrum in its database and 874 resonance spectra, depicted in 1420 sectional sections with 120000 data.

It allows the usefulness of the intended or just used formulation and can be used for homeopathy and can radiate frequency therapy.

8D-NLS Bioresonance QMR Scanner Functions

Body Health Analyzer QMR Scanner

By sensing and analyzing the biophoto radiation of the brain, we get an accurate picture of the functioning, physiological and energetic condition of our body. In the Bioresonance Scanner instrumental study, we gain insight into the metabolism, organ system, and cellular energy processes in the body in the most natural and most fragile way. Based on the resonant frequencies, it measures the elements that cause vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, heavy metals, toxins, herds, and allergic susceptibility.

Homeopathic remedies

The 8D-NLS Bioresonance Scanners, from the 5718 spectral standard frequency, can be used to configure a specific frequency packet for a specific case. This frequency spectrum package is irradiated by the crystal in the resonance cup or by water or oil. This preparation can be used as a homeopathic remedy.

Vegeto Test

The vegeto-test function allows you to assess the fitness for a planned or used drug, diet supplement, cream and any other formulation.

The instrument measures the frequency spectrum of the formulations in the resonance chamber. It compares the vibration of the body with the standard frequency spectrum and calculates the suitability of the agent. Whether it really helps to restore the body. Measures the chances of allergic reaction.

This procedure can be used to determine whether it is really useful for the patient.

Frequency Therapy

The 8D-NLS Bioresonance Scanners can radiate a total of 5718 different spectral etalon frequencies during Frequency Therapy.

Spectral frequency ranges from 5718 can be tailored to the specific case, frequency therapy.

The Biorezonance Scanner, by radiating quantum energy vibration, helps restore the patient’s bioenergetic, biophonic, aura-energetic operation.

Compilation of Therapy

Vitamins, minerals, anionic acids measured by Bioresonance Scanners can be inferred from dietary bugs. Measurement results of heavy metals and other toxic substances show how detoxification is useful.

Allergic test results show the type of substances that react sensitively to the body.

Based on the results, it is possible to compile the most effective cleansing cure and clearly show the diet with which to achieve complete regeneration.

Analyzing the biological lesions of the 8D-NLS Bioresonance Scanners with the New German Medicines system, the patient’s emotional, mental state, stress, anxiety and anxiety are precisely outlined. In practice, we are immediately able to reach the root cause of biological changes, which can be treated with the utmost urgency of health.

For the treatment of these mental causes and physical symptoms, every physician, natural therapist, with his / her specialty can use targeted, precise, treatment. Health has not been up to date with the efficiency that has been experienced so far. All 8D-NLS bioresonance scanners use this rapid recovery, even in cases where nothing has helped them for years.

8D-NLS operation

History of Frequency Therapy

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