History of Frequency Therapy

The beginning of Frequency Therapy

People have been using this knowledge for thousands of years, found in the descriptions of ancient Yoga-Chakra traditions, and Chinese medicine traditions. Bio-energetic modes, Mudras have been teaching energy vibrations for thousands of years.

The Biorezonance Scanner instrument principles, bio-resonance research, began in the 1920s in the US and Russia.

Dr. Rife has succeeded in achieving what he has with modern electron microscopes since 1920 can not yet be detected.

The microbes were able to look at living, color, and high resolution.

The frequencies outside the visible light spectrum were those that resonated with the microbes.

During his long years of study, he discovered that each virus or bacterium has a special, special resonant frequency that makes it vulnerable.

Thanks to its super-fine microscopes, it has been discovered that any disease-causing organism can be vulnerable to special frequency radiation that does not affect any other live medium at all.

For years of experimenting, he has mapped out all the deadly oscillatory frequencies of bacteria that he considers dangerous. Many of these frequencies have been identified:

In 1934, Rife formed a Frequency Therapy device at several resonant frequencies to cure various diseases, including cancer.


In 1953 Rife wrote about the results of Frequency Therapy in 1934:

“During treatment by frequency therapy, the patients do not feel any pain, no sound is heard and no sense.

By short treatment, the virus or bacteria will die and the body will naturally restore itself to their toxic effects. Thus, at one stroke, several types of illness can be treated simultaneously.

Another research physician, Dr. Georges Lakhovsky, the inventor of the “multi-wave oscillator”, has been successful in cancer research on cancer cells, animals, and later on human models since the 1920s.
The multi-wave oscillator broadcasts a wide spectrum of “ultra radio frequencies”.
This device had a double effect: on the one hand, it gradually eradicated the cancerous tumors by selectively disentangling the patient part, and on the other hand, it raised the energy level (vitality) of each cell at the same time.

For ongoing improvements, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in testing tests that have helped develop technology to the current high level of experience.

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